July 14, 2022 Bare Knuckles

Big fish, small boats

Businesses operating in specialist industries face unique challenges when it comes to marketing and communications...

Specialist industries – such as the outdoors and leisure industry – have niche markets, specialised terminology, and unique audiences that require deep understanding to effectively promote a business’ products and services.

Enter… the industry specialist marketing agency.

By partnering with an industry specialist marketing agency, smart businesses can benefit from their agency’s industry knowledge, relevant experience, targeted messaging, established networks, and their competitive advantage over the many mainstream ‘wannabe-everything-to-everyone’ agencies.


Looking specifically at boating, fishing, surfing, stand-up paddleboarding, hiking, camping, and other outdoor adventure activities – it’s imperative all forms of brand communication accurately reflect an intimate understanding of each activity, related products and, importantly, the target audiences.

As smart business owners and managers will attest: to ‘talk the talk’ you must be able to ‘walk the walk’. This mindset should extend to marketing agencies that are engaged to help grow businesses.

Working to the advantage of brands that ‘get it’ – at the detriment of their competitor brands that don’t – some common marketing stuff-ups from not engaging an industry specialist marketing agency include: a blog article or media release for a boat brand written by someone who doesn’t know one end of a boat from another; a social media post for a fishing tackle brand that incorrectly identifies a fish species; or an ad campaign for a surf brand created by someone who’s never caught a wave.

Whether B2C or B2B, brand managers and marketing professionals appreciate how long it takes to build a brand… and understand just how quickly its reputation can come crashing down.

For any business operating in any specialist industry, credibility is everything. If your audience thinks you don’t understand them, they’ll tune out. As a result, your brand – and your business – will suffer.


Here are half-a-dozen reasons why successful businesses in specialist industries have developed [and maintain] a competitive edge from partnering with industry specialist marketing agencies:

1. In-depth industry knowledge
Specialist marketing agencies focus on specific industries and possess deep knowledge and understanding of the market dynamics, trends, and competitive landscape. They are familiar with industry-specific terminology, regulations, and customer behaviours, allowing them to develop tailored marketing strategies that resonate with target audiences.

2. Targeted messaging and positioning
A specialist marketing agency can craft compelling messaging and positioning that speaks directly to the needs and pain points of the industry’s target audiences. They understand the unique value propositions of the business and how to differentiate it from competitors, resulting in more effective marketing campaigns.

3. Access to industry networks
Specialist marketing agencies often have established networks within the industry, including media contacts, key industry stakeholders, and relevant associations or organisations. This enables them to leverage these connections to amplify marketing efforts, gain exposure, and build partnerships that can benefit the business.

4. Niche marketing channels and platforms
Specialist industries may have their own unique marketing channels and platforms that are particularly effective for reaching their target audiences. Industry specialist marketing agencies have experience working with these specialised channels and can help businesses leverage them to maximise their marketing reach and effectiveness.

5. Efficient resource allocation
Partnering with a specialist marketing agency allows businesses to focus on their core competencies while leaving the marketing expertise to the agency. This ensures marketing efforts are handled by professionals who understand the industry, resulting in efficient resource allocation and a higher likelihood of success.

6. Sustainable competitive advantage
In a specialist industry, standing out from the competition can be challenging. An industry specialist marketing agency can help identify the unique selling points of the business and develop strategies to differentiate it from competitors. This can include effectively showcasing products and services, highlighting specialised expertise, or leveraging unique industry partnerships to create a sustainable competitive advantage.


Industry specialist marketing agencies generally stay up to date with the latest industry trends, technological advancements, and marketing strategies specific to the industry. They can help businesses adopt and leverage emerging trends effectively, ensuring marketing efforts remain relevant and effective in a rapidly-evolving industry landscape.

Specialist marketing agencies can provide valuable insights and strategies to help businesses in specialist industries achieve their marketing goals, grow their sales base, optimise revenue and improve customer experiences.


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